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Bioengineering Quantum of Institute, Health and Well Being from the Heart


Life offers us the possibility of meeting people who immerse us in the opening of an election, the choice always depends on one.

I have chosen to create this web space because I am aware that, thanks to the containment and transmission, the love, trust and unconditional support of many people and beings has been able to create this therapeutic system and that other people can be trained in it and, what is more important, the benefit that hundreds of patients in almost twenty-five countries are obtaining since the last two years.

First of all, I thank my family for their unconditional love and their knowledge of being, for allowing me every moment of freedom and for their commitment to my passion for life.

Thanks to the following people who have been crucial in my way: Jesus, French, Carmen, Lama Lundruk, Pilar, Samiti, Lama Kunzang, Paco Fernández, Charo, Rosa, Almuth, Hera, Cristina, Nestor, Alicia, Raúl, Pepe, Antonio, Cheng Yong Fa and all friends, patients, students, teachers and invisible, that although you are not named I honor you and I deeply appreciate your presence and trust in me, you form a fundamental part in the network and the pulse that unifies us.

Thanks to the places that always accompany my heart filling me with strength: Nepal, Merzouga, India, Mexico and Mongolia, and all the methodologies that I have nurtured.

A deep sigh for the way traveled that only gives place to a state, LOVE.



Quantum Bioengineering, methodology and therapeutic technique developed by Sandra Fernández that allows diagnostic reading and therapeutic treatment of all types of quantum information packages (people, relationships, places, situations …) through the reading of the physical and vibrational heart pulse with two navigation systems called VAS and PCT.

In this therapeutic system, the use of quantum information, the intention and the ether element is used for the creation of simple or complex consciousness structures that manage to recover the coherence of the quantum information package treated. We understand quantum information packages any living being, thing, space, event, situation that is immersed in our known Universe and therefore in our information matrix.

After the diagnosis, we proceed to the application and readjustment of the information in three phases;




Acting from the substance itself through the insertion of coherent information in fraktal points of the quantum package to be treated.

The readjustment of information is kept repeated so that the physical reality (known) begins to change from the substance passing through the most subtle planes to the matter, recovering order and coherence in all planes, anchoring itself in “reality”.

A set of knowledge and scientific and metaphysical techniques of the biology of consciousness applied to the development, implementation, maintenance and improvement of the structures for the resolution of problems that affect the daily activity and the evolutionary systems

The Ingenio is the ability that a person has to imagine or invent things combining with intelligence and skill of the knowledge they possess and the means at their disposal.

QUANTUM BIOENGINEERING: is the application of living engineering through ingenuity using the quantum field of information and quantum and vibrational medicine.

A therapeutic system that lacks external tools.

The technology and the tool are you.


In Quantum Bioengineering we diagnose and generate treatment through two types of pulse reading signal. The first is called VAS “Vascular Anatomic Signal” was discovered by Paul Noguier and is a binary navigation system, kinésico, polarity that allows us to have specific responses of dual type.

With practice, experience and research we discover another type of subtler pulse that we have called PCT, “Toroidal Quantum Pulse” and that allows us to directly access the specific quantum information of information packages (people, places, relationships, etc) and generate a diagnosis and treatment completely individualized, leaving all kinds of general protocols.

This leads us to take the leap of polarity or binary system to enter a navigation system PHI, infinite. The use of a measurement system like this allows us a great precision.

The PCT allows us in a quantum leap the entrance to the measurement and treatment of information beyond time and space because it is a quantum pulse and we deal directly with fraktality by accessing all the possibilities and those especially that are determined by the Awareness of what we are dealing with

We know that each case and each moment is unique and unrepeatable, therefore each therapy becomes a unique combination of elements that allow recovery and the treatment of coherence.

The three phases that the methodology follows are:


The pulse gives us the signal of the places in which it is necessary to regenerate, detoxify and reprogram with the appropriate tools related to specific or holistic issues of the patient where we move to facilitate the recovery of order through vibrational and quantum therapy.


The coherence of the therapist defines the effectiveness of the treatment because we know that the observer alters the observed and its wave frequency irremediably modifies the observed quantum field.

We work on improving the quality of the therapist.

The quality of the therapist’s intention and coherence determines the opening of the information channels and the quality of the decoding.

Compassion and efficiency for service to others, understanding that we are an instrument chosen by Consciousness as a tool for the patient and integrating that patients reveal a personal mastery of our Mirror Universe are the fundamental basis of Quantum Bioengineering professionals .

“I believe in intuition and inspiration.

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

knowledge is limited, while imagination

embraces the whole world, stimulating progress, giving birth

to evolution. It is, strictly speaking, a true

factor in scientific research. “

Albert Einstein


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