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Bioengineering Quantum Institute

About me

Sandra Fernández, Director and Founder of the Institute of Quantum Bioengineering.

Teacher and International lecturer, she begins as Reiki teacher, Magnified Healing practitioner, masseur and reflexologist. Then he is trained in the world of shamanism and begins to teach teachings and personal development groups.

For 10 years she creates and is dedicated to directing a center of alternative medicine and psychophysical activities in Marbella province of Malaga in the south of Spain teaching yoga, dance, pilates, chikung, meditation and self-help, coordinating all types of therapist training and events for personal development and the awakening of consciousness.

Trained as a therapist in various methodologies and specializations of quantum medicine and ancestral medicine during her trips to Mexico, India and Nepal, Sandra Fernandez has been coordinating and directing initiation journeys of personal growth and training with people from around the world to India, Nepal, Tibet , Thailand, Mexico and the Sahara Desert for 13 years to this day.

He currently teaches Intensive Intensive Training in: Spain, Morocco, Mexico, Uruguay, Chile, Costa Rica, Peru and is dedicated to the research and incorporation of new tools.

Sandra Fernández, is her constant sense of research, she takes a quantum leap on the path towards the unification and sharing of the therapeutic and educational system of Quantum Bioengineering, creating a TV CHANNEL, taking advantage of new technologies putting them at the service of professionals.

The results and testimonials that support its methodology and teaching have led this methodology to an exponential growth in just 2 years.

Dancer, painter and writer dedicates her leisure time to the spaces of retirement and art, as well as to the exploration of places on the planet.

Interview with Sandra Fernández

Interview with Sandra Fernández on Galaztica TV

Interview with Sandra Fernández with Javier Sampayo

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